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RichardSolo FreeWheelin Audio System For Helmets

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For iPhone/iPod/Smartphones/MP3 Players

"RichardSolo FreeWheelin is the world’s most advanced stereo audio system worn on helmets by cyclists, skiers, skaters, construction workers, equestrians and more. I am really excited to introduce this very unique product that lets you listen to fantastic stereo or share crystal clear conversations on your cell phone totally hands-free via Bluetooth.

FreeWheelin does not cover your ears in any way so you remain fully aware of sounds while in traffic, on jobsites, or wherever you wear a helmet. It also functions as a high quality speakerphone in vehicles or on a desktop. Freedom to use your Bluetooth speakers on helmets, in the car, or in the office is really what Bluetooth freedom — or FreeWheelin — is all about. Try RichardSolo FreeWheelin and free those tunes tucked away on your portable device!" — Richard

How do bicyclists and other sporting enthusiasts enjoy great stereo music or talk hands-free on cell phones yet remain fully aware of traffic, sirens, conversations, and other sounds while wearing safety helmets?

The answer: RichardSolo FreeWheelin!

RichardSolo FreeWheelin Audio System For Helmets, Vehicles and Desktop RichardSolo FreeWheelin is a unique stereo and hands-free speakerphone system that connects by Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable to portable music devices and cell phones. It delivers clear, robust audio without distortion and is a totally new concept for protective helmets. It also doubles as a compact stereo and hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone for vehicles or desktop.

FreeWheelin installs in minutes and is fully compatible for iPod, iPhone, smartphones and MP3 players — any portable audio device that is Bluetooth-enabled or connects by 3.5mm audio cable to the device.

Conventional ear buds can block your hearing and are not only dangerous — they are illegal to wear while riding on public streets. RichardSolo Freewheelin does not insert or cover your ears and cleverly attaches inconspicuously to your safety helmet.

Pair FreeWheelin with your Bluetooth–enabled cell phone and make phone calls completely hands–free while on your next bike ride. Or pair with your portable music player and enjoy your favorite tunes while skiing, skating, or during any activity that requires a safety helmet. FreeWheelin installs on most recreational helmets — even construction hard hats worn on job sites. This unique unobtrusive design fits both youth and adult-sized open face half helmets, including highly vented helmets, and also includes an optional adapter for irregular shaped helmets. (Note: does not fit full-face helmets).

RichardSolo FreeWheelin Audio System For Helmets, Vehicles and Desktop The RichardSolo FreeWheelin stereo audio system consists of two dynamic 2W miniature speaker pods with integrated built-in microphone + one receiver amp. These 3 modules attach securely to your helmet using patented Dual Lock™ adhesive strips that allow for easy removal at any time.

Convenient push buttons are located atop each speaker pod for controlling music and phone calls. Just press the built–in Multifunction button to power on, power off, play, pause, answer call, end call, reject call, or mute the microphone. Press the Forward button to increase volume or advance to the next music track. Press the Back button to decrease volume or listen to the previous music track. An LED indicator located on the amp module indicates battery level, charging, pairing, Bluetooth connectivity, and phone call status.

The entire system is compact, extremely lightweight (weighs less than 4 ounces) — and does not add bulk to your helmet. Except for beautiful music and no–hassle hands–free phone calls, you’ll hardly notice FreeWheelin attached to your helmet. More importantly — the speaker pods rest near your ears rather than on top or inside to block and hinder ambient sounds — so you remain safely aware of surroundings while enjoying your favorite music or sharing phone conversations. You can further enhance FreeWheelin audio by manually adjusting the EQ settings on your portable device (if available).

RichardSolo FreeWheelin Audio System For Helmets, Vehicles and Desktop RichardSolo FreeWheelin is powered by a rechargeable 450 mAh lithium polymer battery providing up to 200 hours standby time and 15 hours music or up to 10 hours talk time via Bluetooth — or up to 40 hours music play via 3.5mm cable connection. (Note: actual times may vary depending upon usage and device.)

FreeWheelin recharges in about 1.5 hours connected via USB cable (included) to the USB port on your computer or RichardSolo USB/AC wall adapter available here. For extended use away from power sources, bring along our popular USB portable backup batteries such as the Super Power Bank (here) or Mobile Charger (here). These batteries add days of extra power for FreeWheelin and are handy for lengthy bike trips.

Attach FreeWheelin to its custom visor clip accessory (included) and you can share conversations on a hands–free Bluetooth speakerphone in your vehicle. Or remove from the visor and place it on desktop for home or office use — the versatile FreeWheelin does it all!

Complete package includes RichardSolo FreeWheelin Bluetooth amp with left/right speaker communication pods, 3.5mm audio cable, USB charge cable, Dual Lock pads, amp adapter, visor clip accessory, user guide, and one–year RichardSolo warranty.

Wearing a protective helmet for work or recreation doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying your favorite tunes or sharing phone calls whenever desired. RichardSolo FreeWheelin — the world’s most advanced Bluetooth audio system for helmets — brings rich, lively stereo and wireless phone calls to a whole new level of fun and convenience.

It’s all about safety and enjoyment — and it’s available now. Add RichardSolo FreeWheelin to your own helmet and make personal safety an audio paradise!


RichardSolo FreeWheelin Audio System For Helmets, Vehicles and Desktop RichardSolo FreeWheelin Audio System For Helmets, Vehicles and Desktop RichardSolo FreeWheelin Audio System For Helmets, Vehicles and Desktop

Features Overview

  • Installs easily on most recreational and safety helmets
    (Fits youth and adult-sized open face half helmets including highly vented helmets — does not fit full-face helmets)
  • Works with any portable audio source including iPod, iPhone, smartphones, and MP3 players — any device with a 3.5mm speaker/headphone port or Bluetooth compatibility
  • Makes and receives phone calls while in Bluetooth mode using any iPhone or Bluetooth enabled smartphone
  • Safe and legal — unlike ear buds, FreeWheelin does not insert or cover the ears — ambient sounds (car horns, sirens, etc.) may still be heard
  • Lightweight amplifier delivers powerful sound through dynamic miniature stereo speakers
  • Control your music or receive phone calls using easy access buttons
  • Dual mode — wired (cable) or wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Rechargeable 450mAh internal lithium polymer battery provides up to 200 standby hours*
  • Plays up to 15 hours music or up to 10 hours talk time via Bluetooth per charge*
  • Plays up to 40 hours music via 3.5mm cable connection*
  • Durable water resistant construction (not water proof)
  • Bonus feature — unique visor clip accessory converts FreeWheelin into hands-free speakerphone for vehicle or desktop
  • One–year RichardSolo warranty

* Note: actual times may vary depending upon usage and device

Technical Specifications

  • Measures:
    • amp = 2.25 x 1.5 — (5.72 x 3.81 cm)
    • speaker pods = 2.38 x 1.75 — (6.05 x 4.45 cm)
    • visor clip accessory = 6 x 2.25 x 1.13 — (15.24 x 5.72 x 2.87 cm)
  • Weighs:
    • 3.4 oz (96.39 gr) without visor clip accessory
    • 5.0 oz (141.75 gr) with visor clip accessory
  • Power: rechargeable lithium polymer battery (450 mAh)
  • Bluetooth range: approximately 32.8 feet (10 meters)
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Output: 2W RMS
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.50%
  • Signal–to–noise ratio: 80 dB
  • Response bandwidth: 20–20,000 Hz
  • Bluetooth protocols supported:
    • A2DP (stereo audio)
    • HFP (hands free protocol)
    • HSP (head set protocol)
    • AVRCP (remote control)

Package Includes

  • RichardSolo FreeWheelin Bluetooth amp (1)
  • RichardSolo FreeWheelin left/right speaker communication pods (2)
  • 3.5mm audio cable for wired mode (48")
  • USB charge cable — Type A USB to 3.5mm plug (36”)
  • Dual Lock pads — self-adhesive for helmet application (3)
  • Amp Dual Lock adapter — for helmets with pointed backs (1)
  • Visor clip accessory — for vehicle or desktop use (1)
  • Instruction manual

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Great product
E.S.J. (Texas) 2/28/2014 10:17 AM
I got mine and I am very impressed by this product. Great sound quality, and I can use it anywhere I go: biking, picnic, and even for travel.
Wow, amazing audio.
David Sampson (Australia) 5/19/2013 4:22 AM
I received this device recently and have used it about 5 times. I've been really really impressed with the ease of use (multi-function buttons), but most of all the sound quality. Considering it is bluetooth and the size of the 2 speaker pods, the sound is really really great. It was, however, a little difficult to find any flat surfaces at all on my helmet, but the dual lock works very effectively. Best audio device I've seen and purchased in a long time. Nice work!