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Super Power Bank

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Sorry, this item cannot be shipped to Canada. For iPad 3rd Gen, adds about 35% capacity

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For all iPad/iPhone/iPod models (except shuffle); Smartphones, tablets, and other USB powered devices

"If you need a robust charging solution for iPad, iPhone, iPod, or other USB-connected devices — this battery delivers 6600 mAh backup power and is perfect for daily use. It adds over 3-6 extra viewing hours for an iPad and increases viewing time on an iPhone/iPod to over 50 hours — plus it is so easy to use! Simply connect the USB cable included with your device and press the push button on the battery for extra power whenever you need it. Carry it in your briefcase or purse and never again run out of power by afternoon or evening. I know you will really enjoy the convenience of having this attractive accessory for charging your USB-connected devices!" — Richard

The Super Power Bank charges 2 USB-connected devices at once and provides up to 6,600 mAh total backup power for all iPad/iPhone/iPod models (except shuffle). Plus you can charge other portable electronics such as MP3 players, tablets*, Amazon Kindle, GPS units, and more.

* Due to proprietary restrictions, Super Power Bank may not charge some tablets such as Samsung Galaxy

Super Power Bank image Connect your own USB cable specific to your device to one of two available ports on the Super Power Bank — push the power button and relax. There are no complicated instructions. This backup battery is very simple to use!

Port #1 delivers a 1A power boost that will charge smaller electronics such as iPhone/iPod, smartphones, and MP3 players. Port #2 delivers a 2.1A charge that will also power portable electronics plus it will charge iPad and other devices that require a larger power source.

In four simple steps, you are recharged and ready to go:

  1. Connect your own USB cable from your device to the Super Power Bank
  2. Push on the power button
  3. Monitor the charge icon on your device
  4. When full, push off the power button and remove the device

You can totally replenish a depleted iPhone or iPod in about 2 hours, and gain an extra 300-400% charge capacity when you carry the Super Power Bank as your portable back-up solution. For iPad 1/2, you will add over 60% capacity and gain 6 hours extra viewing from one complete charge session. For iPad 3/4, you will add about 35% capacity and gain 3 hours extra viewing from one complete charge session. For iPad Mini, you can expect about double the viewing time from each complete charge, and more.

Recharging the Super Power Bank is a simple task. Connect the included USB/micro-USB cable to your computer’s USB port, or Apple/compatible wall charger (available here). Four cobalt-blue LEDs flash one-by-one while the battery charges and remain solid once the Super Power Bank is fully charged. Throughout the day you can check remaining capacity at any time by pressing the power button for a quick LED reading. When no load is detected for 30 seconds, the unit powers off automatically.

Super Power Bank image The Super Power Bank is barely larger than an iPhone and is housed in sturdy black polycarbonate with an elegant, smooth finish. It measures 4.43" x 3.47" x 0.62" and weighs about 8.8 ounces. Complete package includes Super Power Bank lithium-ion battery, 1 USB/micro-USB charge cable, and printed instructions.

Keep your portable electronic devices portable — connect the versatile Super Power Bank for convenient charging wherever you go!

Note: Check your device’s charging cable before ordering to be sure it has the standard (most common) USB plug that will fit into the Super Power Bank’s standard USB ports (#1 and #2 as shown). Apple’s USB charging cable and all USB charging cables with a standard USB plug are supported. Wall charger and device-compatible USB cables are not included.

Super Power Bank image Super Power Bank image Super Power Bank image

Features Overview

  • 6,600 mAh portable lithium-ion backup battery
  • Elegant, smooth black polycarbonate housing
  • Dual USB ports — can charge two devices at once
  • Convenient on/off push button power switch
  • Push button also illuminates LEDs for checking remaining charge capacity
  • LEDs monitor capacity while charging and during recharging
  • Powers off automatically after 30 seconds when no load is detected
  • Provides 300-400% charge capacity for iPhone/iPod
  • Provides over 60% charge capacity for iPad 1/2
  • Provides over 35% charge capacity for iPad 3/4
  • Doubles your viewing time for iPad Mini
  • Connects using the USB cable included with your device
  • Charges iPad/iPhone/iPod (except shuffle) using Apple USB cable included with each model
  • Charges smartphones, GPS units, Amazon Kindle, and more (device-specific USB cable required)
  • Charge the Super Power Bank from wall charger (not included) or via USB port on your computer
  • Uses Apple or standard 5V compatible wall charger (available here)
  • Includes USB/micro-USB cable for charging the Super Power Bank
  • One-year warranty from RichardSolo.com

Technical Specifications

  • Measures: 4.43" x 3.47" x 0.62" (112.5 x 88 x 15.7 mm)
  • Weighs: 8.8 oz (250 g)
  • Output capacity: 6,600 mAh
  • USB output #1: 5V 1A (amp)
  • USB output #2: 5V 2.1A (amps)
  • Input: 5V, 1A (amp)

Package Includes

  • 6,600 mAh portable lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • 1 USB/micro-USB cable for charging Super Power Bank
  • Instruction manual
Wall charger and device-compatible USB cables are not included.

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