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Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s

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For iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s

"The Wireless Charge System is a complete charge system for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s and makes charging your iPhone as simple as placing it on a desk, counter, or nightstand — no cables needed!

The system includes a handsome case and two base units. The case is very well designed, looks like brushed metal, and comes in two colors, the charcoal that matches the iPhone, or the gold color that matches the iPhone. There is a cool cut out on the back to show the Apple logo on the iPhone, and it also makes it easy to remove the phone from the case.

Plug in one of the slim metal base units at your desk or counter at home, and place the other base unit on your desk at work. When you want, just place the iPhone on the base, and it magically starts charging! No cable to plug into the phone! This makes it so convenient to top up your phone throughout the day.

This is a great looking and great functioning product. You will really like it!" — Richard

Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s

Cables, cables everywhere!

Cables are useful in so many ways — they carry Internet signals, power of all sorts… and even cable cars! But when charging an iPhone, cables can really be a nuisance. In fact, we’ve become so dependent on charge cables we actually lose some freedom in wireless communication.

Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s The Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5 and 5s takes wireless freedom one step further and changes all that. Imagine the convenience of placing your iPhone on a sleek little pad and it charges away without bothersome cables dangling about. Or consider times in darkened rooms spent rummaging for a charge cable or dock — all for just a simple charge. It can be very frustrating! And if you misalign the charge connector, you risk damaging the port on your iPhone.

Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s Now you can charge your iPhone 5/5s by simply placing it on one of two base units included in every Wireless Charging System set. Put one base unit on your desk and the other unit wherever most convenient. Each unit measures about 3.5 x 6 inches and connects via USB/micro-USB cable to your computer’s USB port or a nearby AC wall outlet using the included USB/AC wall adapter.

How does it work?

The Wireless Charging System uses the latest Conductive Charging technology. This new technology transfers power from the base unit through the protective case to your iPhone battery. The base unit automatically detects when you place your iPhone case upon it… a thin LED line glows white on the base, and you’ll hear the familiar tone as your iPhone begins charging. When your iPhone is fully charged, the base unit continues to safely trickle charge and keeps your iPhone at full capacity.

Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s The attractive duo–tone case efficiently conducts the charge without dangerous power surges or shocks — nothing but pure low voltage energy silently streams into your iPhone battery as it readies for more action. Each base unit includes a red LED power indicator letting you know the unit is in standby mode and ready to charge your iPhone.

A depleted iPhone takes about 2–3 hours to fully charge or within an hour (on average) for lesser needs. You can charge for as little or as much as desired without limitations. The unique smart protection feature built into every unit protects against over–heating and power surges so the battery lifespan in your iPhone remains totally unaffected.

Fast, easy and reliable

Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s Each Wireless Charging System package contains 2 convenient power base units in your choice of elegant gold or brushed charcoal finish, and includes one stylish duo tone case that fits iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. Just slip the thin, protective case over your iPhone and when you need a charge, place the iPhone on either base unit. Unlike docks, the case does not need to be perfectly lined up. Anywhere on the base unit is fine.

Complete package includes: 1 wireless duo tone charge case for iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s, 2 power base units, 2 USB/AC dual voltage 100–240V wall adapters, 2 USB/micro-USB power cables, instruction manual + one–year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Enjoy wireless freedom — charge cable–free!

Cables are definitely becoming more obsolete as wireless technology dominates the field of consumer electronics. The ease and convenience of placing your iPhone on a desk or nightstand for a charge versus fumbling for a cable, certainly underscores the fact. Enjoy that freedom today — purchase your own Wireless Charging System from RichardSolo and discover the joys of cable–free charging!

Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s

Features Overview

  • Wireless charge system for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s
  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome charge cables or docks
  • Sleek, stylish design in elegant gold or brushed charcoal finish
  • Includes 1 duo–tone protective case for iPhone 5/5s
  • Includes 2 power base units
  • Includes 2 power cables connecting from power source to each power base
  • Powers via USB port on computer or USB/AC wall adapter (2 included)
  • 100–240V wall adapters function worldwide with international plug adapters (available here)
  • System generates ZERO radiation with high energy efficiency and rapid charging
  • Smart protection with no power surges or overheating — does not affect battery lifespan
  • Includes printed instruction manual
  • One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Base unit measures: 5.91" X 3.35" X 0.2" (15.02 x 8.51 x 0.51 cm)
  • Base unit weighs: 3.2 oz (90.1 gr)
  • Base power input: 5.0V=1A
  • USB/micro–USB power cable length: 40" (101.6 cm)
  • USB/AC wall adapter input: 100–240V 50/60Hz 1A
  • USB/AC wall adapter output: 5V 1000mA

Package Includes

  • 1 wireless charge case for iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s
  • 2 power base units
  • 2 USB/AC dual voltage 100–240V wall adapters
  • 2 base unit USB/micro–USB power cables
  • Instruction manual and warranty
  • Note: iPhone5/5s not included

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Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!
Sensiblemike (California) 5/17/2014 7:09 PM
I got my charger today, plugged my iPhone 5S into the case and it charged like a dream. That wouldn't be so amazing except that the lightning connector in my iPhone has become unreliable. Plugging and unplugging the lightning cable every day has caused the connector to loosen, so making a connection is difficult and sporadic. The case made a solid connection to my iPhone despite the loose connector, and I can now count on being able to charge it every time. I'm going to replace the phone, but I want to avoid the continual plugging/unplugging that doubtless caused the problem. This wireless charger is a perfect solution!