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Electronic Fan and White Noise Machine

"With over 25% of Americans suffering from sleep–related problems, it’s no wonder electronic sound machines are so popular for those who know the fantastic benefits they provide. LectroFan combines outstanding features in a portable package that’s great for travel, and is also very affordable.

I recently tried LectroFan at a hotel in a big city where traffic streams by constantly throughout the night. I selected white noise at a medium setting and matched the pitch & volume of the traffic perfectly. This little box worked terrific and totally masked out distracting city noises, allowing me to sleep comfortably the entire night. LectroFan not only shields you from noise for better sleep, it also masks conversations for privacy — and provides the perfect background for better concentration while working at your computer or during study.

If you’ve never experienced the benefits of these clever devices, here is your chance to reap the rewards of sound sleep, more privacy, and better concentration at a very low cost! Try LectroFan from RichardSolo, and I guarantee you will sleep more soundly and get the rest you deserve… or return it for a prompt refund. You must be completely satisfied — and delighted!" — Richard

LectroFan What is LectroFan?

Some people are lucky — they can sleep through just about anything while most of us struggle to fall asleep in noisy environments. So what do you do if your neighbor’s dog insists on barking all night, the kids have turned up the music… or traffic noise keeps you awake? Get LectroFan — and regain your sanity!

LectroFan is the affordable alternative to costly sleep aids and high–priced sound machines available today. LectroFan mimics the oscillating sounds of an electronic fan or generates pure white noise in a variety of pitches with adjustable volume for optimum effect — also known as sound masking.

LectroFan conceals both random and repetitious sounds by masking over these intruders and can provide nearly the same level of rest as sleep medications — without the dangerous side effects and recurring high cost of drugs.

Understanding white noise

When you add LectroFan white noise or electronic fan sounds to your immediate environment, you are using sound masking. Rather than drowning out the offending sounds, they become "masked" by the frequencies of the white noise or electronic fan signal.

Imagine a dark room and a flashlight switches on — you immediately notice the light source. Next, switch on a lamp… the entire room illuminates, and the flashlight blends into the light so that you no longer see it. The flashlight has been "masked" by the bright, room–filling light, and is barely noticed.

Now imagine a room with the constant sound of noisy traffic from a nearby window. You switch on LectroFan and adjust the pitch & volume to match the offending traffic noise. The traffic noise now blends into the consistent fan/white noise from LectroFan and is neutralized… creating an ideal environment with more privacy and less distracting noise — a remarkable sleep saver!

LectroFan Why white noise — why not music?

Playing music has been known to improve sleep quality, however music does not contain the wide range of frequencies needed to mask intrusive sounds. Pure white noise contains a much wider spectrum and is therefore more effective overall.

Does LectroFan work?

The answer is YES — in a variety of ways! Blocking unwanted noise from your surroundings requires a sound masking device with variable settings to effectively reduce intruding noise pollution. LectroFan provides 20 varieties: pure white noise — or simulated electronic fan (a variation of white noise) — each with 10 different pitch settings for a complete spectrum of sound masking coverage.

Excellent for home & family use!

At home, use LectroFan during naptime for infants or help your children sleep more soundly at night. LectroFan also helps the elderly and those with insomnia fall asleep. In condos or apartments, LectroFan helps eliminate those hideous neighborly noises — and more. It also aids those who suffer from tinnitus. Best of all… it’s totally drug–free!

Effective noise–blocking technology for work & study

LectroFan not only helps you sleep better, it can be used in offices for reducing distracting conversations nearby — or provide an effective cover for private conversations. Use LectroFan at your desk for better concentration and increased productivity, or as an effective study aid for students at the dorm — wherever less distracting noise is desired.

Choose Electronic Fan or White Noise — 10 variations of each
LectroFan is really simple to use!

Plug it in — use the included USB/AC wall adapter with any wall outlet, or a USB port on computer

LectroFan Pick your sound
Select Fan Sounds and repeatedly press again to choose each of the following:

  • Large Fan
  • Industrial Fan
  • Mellow Fan — LO
  • Mellow Fan ——HIGH
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Attic Fan
  • Circular Fan
  • Vent Fan
  • Box Fan
  • Oscillating Fan

Select White Noise and repeatedly press again to choose each of the following:

  • Lowest Pitch White Noise
  • Lower Pitch
  • Lower Pitch
  • Medium Low Pitch
  • Medium Pitch
  • Medium Pitch
  • Medium High Pitch
  • Higher Pitch
  • Higher Pitch
  • Highest Pitch White Noise

Adjust the volume
Convenient rocker switch adjusts volume from a whisper to very loud

Use the timer
LectroFan plays continuously until shut off, or until the timer is switched on. LectroFan plays for 60 minutes by pressing the timer button once. Pressing repeatedly increases playtime in 60–minute intervals

For restful sleep: LectroFan is the best deal in portable sound machines

There are many variations of sound machines today. These machines not only cost more, they typically rely on recordings, which repeat in as little as a few seconds apart. While somewhat effective, these recordings can actually become irritating simply because our minds are very perceptive. When we hear sounds that briefly repeat over and over again, the predictability has the opposite effect and keeps us awake rather than deeply relaxed — the foundation of restful sleep.

LectroFan works differently. It plays completely synthesized, non–repeating sounds that do not contain the annoying blips and slight pauses found on machines using recordings. The result — a totally pure wisp of white noise promoting healthful, rejuvenating sleep!

LectroFan measures 4.4" X 4.4" X 2.2" and weighs less than a pound (13.8 oz). Complete package includes the LectroFan Electronic Fan and White Noise Machine, dual voltage USB/100-240V AC wall adapter, instruction manual, and warranty. For extra protection, get the optional LectroFan custom travel case (Item #AS004 available here) Results guaranteed — order yours today risk free!
LectroFan is compact and perfect for travel, especially in hotels where you never know what sorts of noise intrusions await — so be prepared and enjoy the journey! It also makes a very thoughtful gift for family, friends, coworkers, students, and travelers alike.
Order yours today totally risk free from RichardSolo with nothing to lose… except those irritating noises! LectroFan

Features Overview

  • Portable state–of–the–art electronic fan and white noise machine
  • Most versatile & affordable fan sound synthesizer/white noise generator available today
  • Masks unwanted noise pollution — enjoy natural, restful sleep
  • Provides speech privacy — protects conversations
  • Helps provide better concentration — increases productivity
  • 20 high quality sounds — 10 electric fan sounds + 10 white noise variations
  • Push button 60–minute sleep timer with gradual shut off
  • Press repeatedly to increase timer in 60–minute increments
  • Sleek, compact design — stores easily for travel
  • Powered via USB port on computer or USB/AC adapter (included)
  • Convenient rocker switches for handy access (power, volume, timer, fan sounds, white noise)
  • Precision volume control — whisper to very loud
  • Built-in memory — switch between your favorite fan sound or white noise setting
  • Fully synthesized non–repeating sounds — no recordings
  • Optional LectroFan custom travel case (Item #AS004 available here)
  • One–year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Measures: 4.4" X 4.4" X 2.2" (11.18 x 11.18 x 5.59 cm)
  • Weighs: 13.8 oz (0.4 kg)
  • Unique fan sounds: 10
  • Unique white noises: 10
  • Power requirements: 5V, 500 mA, DC
  • USB power cable length: 55" (1.4 m)

Package Includes

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I can sleep again!
J.D. (Washington) 3/12/2014 8:15 AM
The fan arrived in great shape. I've had to jam ear plugs into my ears every night for several months now in order to drown out the stomping noise that the night owl in cowboy boots living in the apt. above me makes. I used the fan for the first time last night and was able to sleep through the night without the using ear plugs. I just wanted to say thank you!!!