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Nada Chair S'portBacker - Hemp

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"This is a very unusual product, but everyone who tries it becomes a believer, and raves about the Nada-Chair.

It is lightweight and easy to take with you, or you can use it at the office. The idea is that the straps hold your spine in an alignment that is more comfortable than you would believe- until you try it.

The perfect place for the Nada is on a bleacher, where you have no back support at all. This includes football, soccer, basketball, and all those other sport games where you are stuck being uncomfortable. Now, you will be in heavenly comfort instead!

And for those with back pain, the Nada-Chair can often provide relief, because it is perfectly supportive and comfortable.So for convenience, or for back relief, this is one amazing innovation that you are sure to love. It comes in two models: the Nada-Chair Back-Up is for people 130 lbs and up, and the Nada-Chair S'portBacker is for people under 130 lbs. But both are great. Enjoy the unique and wonderful Nada-Chair!"
— Richard

Nada Chair S'portBacker - Hemp

Because chairs don't work! Nada-Chair back support belts effectively prevent slouching while relieving back pain related to prolonged sitting. Nada-Chair lumbar support cushions improve posture by using the knees to keep the pelvis stabilized in an upright position. The result? Lower back pain relief!

The Nada-Chair is made out of earth friendly Hemp. There are a lot of misconceptions about this material — but the truth is that it is completely renewable (can be cultivated in 100 days) and durable (it resists abrasion and tears better than cotton). So, as you are enjoying a pain-free back, you can feel good about helping the earth!

The S’portBacker is approximately one half the size of our deluxe Back-Up. It targets the low back more narrowly with a back pad that is six inches high.

Chronic back pain sufferers who cannot find ergonomic chairs that fit but still must sit all day in office chairs are guaranteed welcome pain relief with this product.

Features Overview

  • For those with small or medium body build (recommended for people under 130lbs)
  • Targets lower back with back pad that is 6" high
  • Made with Hemp
  • 90-day warranty from RichardSolo.com
Nada Chair S'portBacker - Hemp Nada Chair S'portBacker - Hemp

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 1lb
  • Measurements: 6" x 17"

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