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Nuance Wine Finer

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"This has to be one of the best buys around when it comes to wine gadgets! The Wine Finer offers four functions in one amazing invention that enhances the taste of your wine. Some customers purchase two, one for home and another for when dining out in restaurants — it’s that good! It also makes a fantastic gift for wine enthusiasts that is very affordable and is guaranteed to please." — Richard

The Wine Finer is a tube-shaped aerator designed in Denmark that you simply insert into your wine bottle and pour. It enhances the taste and brings out the fruity flavors of many wines along with a pronounced floral aroma, making a much more enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

As you pour, wine flows through 32 aeration vents, passing through an inner stainless steel screen that filters out sediments and cork. When finished, stand your bottle upright and the Wine Finer catches any drips. Top your Wine Finer with the stopper to preserve the taste and integrity of your wine for later enjoyment.

The item measures 7" long and is made of solid silicon. The pourer and stopper tip are made of stainless steel, and the entire piece is dishwasher safe. Package includes aerator, stopper, instruction manual, and 90-day manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Four functions in one handy accessory make the Wine Finer a must-have for wine enthusiasts and a very thoughtful gift for those who enjoy the finer taste and aromatic bouquet from their wine. Purchase yours and one for a friend at this very affordable price.

Features Overview

  • Danish-designed wine aerator
  • Combines 4 devices in one handy accessory:
    • Aerator — 32 vents enhance taste and aromatic bouquet
    • Filter — stainless steel filters out sediments and cork
    • Non-spill pourer — catches any drips
    • Stopper — preserves taste and integrity for later enjoyment
  • Made of solid silicon — stainless steel pourer/stopper
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 90-day manufacturer’s limited warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 7" (17.78 cm)
  • Weight: 3.2 oz (90.72 gm)

Package Includes

  • Nuance Wine Finer Aerator
  • Stopper
  • Instruction manual

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simply great
Marc (United States) 6/4/2013 5:43 AM
I've tried other aerators but this one is my favorite. It is small, sleek and stylish. It fits in the bottle so you don't need to hold it in one hand and pour with your other like the ones you pour through over a glass. It is sturdier and easier to store than others that are larger, wider, or have small plastic parts that can break off. It's also super easy to clean. I usually just rinse it under the faucet. The only issue I've ever had is when a bottle was filled a little higher than most or the opening was a little wider than average then a little wine was displaced by putting this in the bottle or I had to pour a tiny bit into the glass before inserting this aerator. This is rare and detracts negligibly from the beauty and functionality of this product. I've given it as a gift several times and I take it with me when I travel. What a wonderfully designed product! I love it.