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Quad USB 9.6 Amp Power Hub

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For iPad, iPhone, iPod, Smartphones, and most USB connected devices

"Here is a mobile product that is long overdue. I am so delighted to finally have the ability to charge up to 4 larger powered devices like the iPad all at once — without the power limits found on so many charge systems currently on the market.

The Quad USB Power Hub has 4 USB ports, each providing up to 2.4 powerful charge amps, and it connects right in your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port — or it works great indoors connected to any wall outlet using the optional AC/DC converter sold separately.

Imagine the convenience of powering or charging your portable devices in various depleted states without having to worry about losing a connection or overloading anything. This is truly paradise for any gadget aficionado!" — Richard

Quad USB 9.6 Amp Power Hub

5 Simple Facts

*** Not all mobile chargers & power hubs are created equal ***

Fact #1: USB chargers & power hubs are a necessity…
Especially nowadays, for charging and powering the large number of portable electronics used in our daily lives. But if you want to charge more than one device in your vehicle at any given time — sorry, you may be out of luck!

Fact #2: Many mobile USB chargers have a 1A (amp) total output limit…
That’s fine for your cellphone, but not for the iPad and other power hungry devices requiring at least a 2.1A power source for charging.

Fact #3: Mobile USB chargers with 2.1A total output have limited capabilities…
If your iPhone and iPad are running low on the road — you’ll need to decide which device gets first dibs on the power. Multiply that by 4 iPad units during a family road trip — and you’ve got World War III looming in the backseat!

Fact #4: Mobile USB hubs rated at 2.1A still have limited output capacity…
You may have 4 or 5 USB ports on a hub, but the total combined power consumption for all connected devices cannot exceed its 2.1A limit. Try charging more than one depleted iPad on a typical USB hub and you’ll find the hub becomes overloaded and shuts down. A VERY frustrating experience, indeed!

Introducing The Quad USB 9.6 Amp Power Hub

Fact #5: It works!

The Quad USB Power Hub has 4 USB ports for powering and charging up to 4 USB connected devices in any combination up to 2.4 amps each. That means you can charge iPad, iPhone, iPod, smartphones, Kindle, GPS devices, cameras & more — nearly any portable device you choose.

Charge up to 4 iPad units at once without limits

Quad USB 9.6 Amp Power Hub Just plug in the Quad Power Hub’s DC connector to the power (cigarette lighter) port on any vehicle (car, truck, boat, RV, etc.), flip on the rear power switch, connect your devices, and monitor the charge icons on each device just as you would at home or office. It makes no difference if you connect one device or four — they are each connected independently to separate 2.4A USB ports. It’s so easy to use and best of all — it does the job!

Additional Quad Power Hub Facts:

  • Charge times in your vehicle are identical to charge times from an AC wall outlet
  • Does not cause excessive battery drain for the vehicle
  • Shuts off automatically when ignition is switched off, or
  • Shuts off manually for vehicles with cigarette lighter ports constantly on
  • Mounts optionally in your vehicle — includes mounting screws & durable tape

Get the optional AC/DC converter for indoor use

Quad USB 9.6 Amp Power Hub Expand your Quad Power Hub capabilities and use it indoors! The AC to DC Power Adapter (shown here) converts household 110V AC to 12V DC and powers your Quad Power Hub at home, the office, dorm — anywhere with an available wall outlet.

It’s the best power hub available

Convenient, smart — and affordable

The more devices we use, the greater the need for charge solutions that work. You should be able to charge your devices without having to babysit a bunch of icons hoping they stay connected. The Quad Power Hub performs the task while on the road and is expandable for indoor use, making it the only power hub you’ll need — all at a very affordable cost compared to similar hubs with less power capabilities.

Order your Quad Power Hub today and give your devices the good life!

Quad USB 9.6 Amp Power Hub Quad USB 9.6 Amp Power Hub

Features Overview

  • Run/charge up to four (4) 2.4A USB connected devices simultaneously in your vehicle
  • Works with iPad, iPhone, iPod, smartphones, Kindle, GPS devices & cameras up to 2.4A each
  • Connects via 12V DC output (cigarette lighter) in your car, truck, boat, or RV
  • On/off switch with fused protection (short circuit / low voltage shut off)
  • LED power indicator
  • Overload / overheat protection
  • Includes mounting screws (2 pcs) and double–sided tape tape (2 pcs) for optional mounting
  • Durable metallic paint finish
  • Works indoors using optional AC/DC converter accessory (item #WT002 available here)
  • One–year manufacturer’s warranty

Technical Specifications

  • USB power ports: 4 (2.4A each)
  • Dimensions: 4.3" x 3" x 1.1" (10.93 x 7.62 x 2.8 cm)
  • Weight: 6.0 oz (170.1 gr)
  • DC power cord length: 45" (114.3 cm)
  • Fuse: 6A
  • Input: 12V / 24V DC
  • Output: 5V DC, (4x) 2.4A (9.6A total)
  • Low battery shutdown: 10V +/– 0.3V

Package Includes

  • Quad USB 9.6A Power Hub
  • DC power cord
  • Mounting screws (2 pcs)
  • Double sided mounting tape (2 pcs)
  • Instruction manual

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