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Respiratory Steam Inhaler

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"When you have a cold (and the average person gets 2-4 a year!) there is nothing more soothing or helpful than steam. It loosens your congestion for easier breathing — completely, naturally!

With this handy Steam Inhaler you can get steam easily and quickly. You fill it up with regular tap water and in minutes, you are feeling better! It is the world's smallest steamer and the hood folds, so it stores away easily.

Put away your cold medicines and try this instead. You will not be disappointed!

But that’s not all, another great use is as a facial spa!

Gentle steam mist opens clogged pores, cleanses them, and moisturizes skin. The application of steam is an important step to a healthy and more beautiful complexion resulting in a more youthful facial appearance." — Richard

Respiratory Steam Inhaler

World’s Smallest Steam Inhaler! Safe, Drug Free Natural Therapeutic Relief.

When respiratory, sinus and throat irritations cause discomfort, you crave immediate relief. Breathing safe, natural steam loosens mucus and relieves various forms of nasal congestion, respiratory, and sinus discomfort.

Steam vapor inhalation has always been the source of natural, drug free treatment for respiratory ailments, and now with our patented Personal Steam Inhaler, it’s so easy. Simply fill with ordinary tap water and enjoy this pleasant, effective treatment. Within minutes, you can feel the effects of warm, moist steam opening nasal passages, loosening stiff, firm mucus and relieving congestion.

Recommended by Doctors, steam Inhalation Therapy is the most effective natural treatment, as it provides relief by lessening mucus production, nasal congestion, coughing, sore throat discomfort, and headache pain.

Can also be used as a facial steamer. The application of steam is an important step to a healthy and more beautiful complexion. This product actually opens your pores, allowing your skin to "breathe".

Includes Five soothing 100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil pads — which can help stop bacterial growth and help reduce the risks of secondary infections

Respiratory Steam Inhaler

Features Overview

  • Uses tap water
  • Hood is made of highest quality, non-allergenic polypropylene
  • Vinyl and reaction-free
  • Patented folding hood
  • Multi-position hood
  • Includes five soothing 100% pure Australian eucalyptus oil pads
  • Easy to open and close
  • 90-day warranty from RichardSolo.com

Technical Specifications

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