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RichardSolo Custom Case for iPhone 3G/3GS

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"The RichardSolo hard case for iPhone 3G/3GS is designed to provide maximum protection with minimal bulk. It is similar to other hard cases, though its textured finish is more resistant to scratching than most cases I’ve seen.

Most importantly, it has a cut-out at the bottom to allow the RichardSolo support brace (the one that is included with our RS001 RichardSolo 1800 backup battery) to function perfectly while the case is in place on the iPhone.

It is a very nice hard case by itself, with textured surface for a good grip. Slides on easily, and ’snaps’ together. This is a very nice set-up, the durable, slim custom case, and the included support brace. The smooth case slips easily into your pocket, yet the texture has grip. Leave the support brace on the RichardSolo battery all the time, to protect the connector, and snap it on your iPhone occasionally to top off the iPhone.

You will find this case to be similar in quality and fit to cases costing more. This one sells for $24.95.

I think you will agree this is a very nice case, and with our RichardSolo 1800 battery, a very nice combination. The bottom of the case slips off for easy docking if required, though it is thin enough that for some docks you will not need to remove it." — Richard

RichardSolo Custom Case for iPhone 3G

At last — An iPhone 3G/3GS case that doesn't get in the way!

The RichardSolo Custom Case for iPhone 3G/3GS is the perfect minimalist’s answer, providing protection for your iPhone 3G/3GS without the added bulk and inconvenience of so many cases on the market today. It slips on easily and slips off without a hassle. All iPhone features/controls remain accessible. And best of all, when your iPhone rings — there’s nothing to do but answer your call! It truly offers nearly invisible protection.

Grips well, with a slightly textured surface that resists scuffing in pockets or purses. This case not only protects your iPhone 3G/3GS, it works flawlessly with our RichardSolo 1800 battery because it was literally made for it. We actually designed the case to use with our battery, so it fits like a glove and you don’t have to remove a thing. The battery simply fits, support brace and all. Bottom section also slides off as needed for docking. See illustrations for more details.

We like things simple and believe you do, too.

Order yours risk free, and get a grip on what could be the last iPhone 3G/3GS case you will ever need.

RichardSolo Custom Case for iPhone 3G


Features Overview

  • Protects your iPhone
  • Designed to work with the RS001 (RichardSolo 1800) support brace
  • Two-piece case slides on, snaps together
  • One-year RichardSolo.com warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Weighs: 0.56 oz
  • Measures: 2.6" x 4.6" x .6"

RichardSolo Custom Case for iPhone 3G RichardSolo Custom Case for iPhone 3G

RichardSolo Custom Case for iPhone 3G

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