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12V/24V Smart Jump Starter

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For Cars, Trucks, RVs, Boats, Equipment and any 12V/24V battery system

"I always carry a backup battery for my van. It has been useful a number of times. Even though I have a good battery in my van, about once a year or so, the battery is not charged up enough to start it.

The battery I have been using in the past is a high quality, lead-acid conventional battery back up. It works well for a jump start on the spot, but it is heavy! Maybe 30+ pounds heavy.

Now, a new generation of lithium ion battery technology has replaced the older, heavier units with a much more compact, and lighter unit, weighing less than 4 pounds. And these lithium batteries keep their charge for a longer period as well, so you do not need to top it up as often.

This unit is the most powerful one that I’ve found, much more power than anything else on the market. My thought is that you want to have the biggest, most powerful battery for backup. Why not? Extra power is a benefit. In addition, this unit automatically switches between 12 and 24 volts, so you can do cars, trucks, RVs, boats, whatever you have.

Bottom line, this is the strongest, highest capacity backup battery for vehicles. Keep it in your trunk, and have peace of mind that you will always have backup starting power with this compact, lightweight power house."— Richard

"Here’s what happened two weeks after I wrote this introduction.  My trusty van wouldn’t start...weak battery. Out comes the new Smart Jump Starter, and it works so easily! Nothing to do except connect the black ground clamp, then connect the red clamp. It automatically detects that my van is 12 volts. I start the engine. Disconnect the battery, and it was still at a full charge on the Smart battery. This is a really nice product to have handy!" — Richard

Jump Start Product

Get Instant Starting Power!

Don’t let a weak or low battery ruin your travel plans — Carry this portable, lightweight 24,000 mAh jump starter in your trunk for powerful vehicle jumpstarts and travel worry-free! Smart Jump Starter is crafted in tough polycarbonate with a built-in easy-grip carry handle, and it weighs less than 4 pounds for quick, convenient jumpstarts whenever your battery runs low.

Start 12V or 24V systems automatically
Jump start your car, truck, RV, boat, equipment & more!
Follow these 5 simple steps…

1) Connect Smart Jump Starter BLACK clamp to the negative (-) terminal on vehicle battery
2) Connect RED clamp to the positive (+) battery terminal
3) Smart Jump Starter detects 12V and 24V battery systems automatically (12V or 24V LED illuminates)
4) Start your motor
5) When motor starts, remove clamps from both battery terminals

Carry a complete charge system for 12V/24V batteries

24,000 mAh Lithium-ion backup battery — conveniently jumpstart your vehicle anywhere
Built-in jump start cables with sure-grip connector clamps — connect battery terminals securely
12V-24V push buttons with LED indicators — select 12V or 24V battery manually if needed
TEST button — press to show remaining charge capacity
5 built-in LEDs — show remaining capacity levels in 10-20-40-60-80-100% increments 

A powerful charge system for your vehicle

  • Get 500A quick starting power (1000A peak current) for 12V batteries (cars, trucks, equipment)
  • Get 250A quick starting power (500A peak current) for 24V batteries (diesel trucks, RVs, boats)
  • Get up to 30 jump starts for 12V systems — up to 20 jump starts for 24V systems
  • A fully charged Smart Jump Starter can last 6-12 months
  • Recharges from 0-100% in about 8 hours
  • Includes dual voltage AC wall charger + convenient car charger

Note: It’s a good idea to top up the charge as often as you want — keeping it fully charged is fine. No need to wait till depleted.

Go Light — Smart Jump Starter weighs less than 4 pounds!

When you need a quick jump start, stop dragging around that 20-pound behemoth charger you bought years ago — upgrade to Smart Jump Starter and carry one of the most powerful, advanced charge systems available today. Plus, at only 3.64 pounds — you’ll save your back — Smart Jump Starter carries with one hand.

Fully self-contained
Get peace of mind for yourself and those you care about

When your car battery fails, there’s no need to ask strangers for help or wait for the auto club. Be self-sufficient, save time, your sanity — and have peace of mind for loved ones knowing they’ve got a powerful easy-to-use charge in the trunk of their car.

Order Smart Jump Starter today!

Features Overview

  • 24,000 mAh Lithium-ion portable jump start battery
  • Auto-detects 12V or 24V battery systems
  • Optional manual set (push buttons) for 12V / 24V batteries
  • Easy to store — measures only 9.26" x 8.86" x 3.15"
  • Easy to carry — weighs less than 4 pounds
  • Durable hard shell polycarbonate case with easy-grip carry handle
  • One charge can provide up to 30 jump starts for 12V systems
  • One charge can provide up to 20 jump starts for 24V systems
  • Built-in charge port — fully recharges overnight (about 8 hours)
  • Includes dual-voltage (100-240V) AC wall charger with cable
  • Includes car adapter charge cable (plugs into cigarette lighter port)
  • 5 LEDs monitor remaining charge capacity (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%)
  • Safety circuitry — Smart Jump Starter LEDs shut off when unit is fully recharged
  • One-year RichardSolo warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Measures: 9.26" x 8.86" x 3.15" (23.5 x 22.5 x 8.0 cm)
  • Weighs: 3.64 lb. (1.65 kg)
  • Capacity: 24000 mAh (88.8 Wh)
  • Cell Type: Li-polymer battery
  • Input: DC 15V 1A
  • Output: 12V jump start / 24V jump start
  • Start current: 500A-12V / 250A-24V
  • Peak current: 1000A-12V / 500A-24V
  • Operating temperature: -4~140 degrees F (-20~60C)
  • Car adapter charge cable length: 36" (91.44 cm)
  • Dual voltage AC wall adapter charge cable length: 52" (132.1 cm)
  • Charging time: 8 hours

Package Includes

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don't leave home without it!
Dana (Marin County) 10/13/2016 10:30 AM
I absentmindedly left the dome light on in my Honda CRV overnight. I woke to a dead battery. Instead of calling AAA and waiting an hour, I just hooked this up and got instant starting power. What a lifesaver! Dana
Very easy to use and does the job!
Joan (Arkansas) 9/7/2016 8:08 PM
This is a lightweight, powerful, and easy to use jumpstarter. I hooked up the black and red alligator clips, and turned the ignition key. It worked! Easy to like, easy to carry, and works great. Highly recommended!
A. L. (CA) 9/7/2016 11:16 AM
A true lifesaver. My car has a large/heavy engine and all of the accessories. Dead battery caused great concern until I tried this. Started my car instantly. I've since used it twice more and what a relief. Every car should have one. Thank you for featuring this product.
Alan Levy (San Francisco Bay Area) 9/6/2016 1:07 PM
There is no way this could work, I thought. This lightweight almost elegant looking device will not be able to start my which has a very large, heavy engine and almost every electronic gadget available. To my surprise, it took longer to open the car door than it took to start the car. Oh, and no waiting for a mechanic either. Now I'm a believer!