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The Ursa ThornBuster Wagon

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"The Ursa ThornBuster is different than typical home and garden wagons, and infinitely better than a wheelbarrow. The design uses "never-flat" micro-cellular polyurethane tires that cushion heavy loads, and optimally distribute the weight over rough terrains. The wagon also has an outstanding turning radius, with a front wheel axis that rotates 270 degrees — great for maneuvering in tight areas (which is usually the case). Carries up to 12 cubic feet, or up to 400 lbs, and uses Ursa’s ErgoPivot™ dump box that conveniently offers past-90 degrees unloading. And it is always balanced and upright — very different from a wheelbarrow.

It easily fits through a standard-sized door or garden gate, and should be the top choice for anyone who performs frequent home improvement or garden work. The ThornBuster Wagon’s UV-resistant polymer coating allows it to be safely stored outdoors without damage from the elements — a common issue with cheaper wagons. The overall build quality, style, and user-friendly design set it above the rest, making it a joy to use. It is made in the USA. You will find this to be one of the best home accessories you will ever own!" — Richard

The ThornBuster Wagon was designed for performance, durability, and ease of use. It carries loads of up to 400 lbs, or up to 12 cubic feet, all while being completely balanced, distributing the weight evenly with its wide, polyurethane tires. The wagon turns very easily, featuring a front-wheel vertical axis that rotates a full 270 degrees. Additionally, it can be stored outside because it is coated with a UV-resistant polymer.

The Ursa ThornBuster is ready when you are. You can have the cushioning and load handling characteristics of an air-filled tire, but never get waylaid by a flat. These airless tires are made of lightweight, micro-cellular polyurethane on a heavy duty steel rim with ball-bearings and grease zerks. When combined with Ursa's incredible maneuvering and easy dumping, the Ursa ThornBuster means easy wheeling through whatever gets thrown your way.

The Ursa ThornBuster™ Wagon The Ursa ThornBuster™ Wagon

Features Overview

  • Easily fits through standard door or garden gate
  • Wide tires distribute weight evenly to roll over soft ground
  • 480/400 never-flat micro-cellular polyurethane tires cushion the load over rough terrain
  • Easily accessible grease zerks make maintenance a breeze
  • Sled is easily removed for use on snow or ice
  • Rated to withstand temperatures as low as -40° Fahrenheit
  • Jumbo design carries big loads (up to 12 cubic feet)
  • Seamless design carries water
  • UV-resistant polymer allows outdoor storage
  • Workbench-height cargo sled prevents back strain
  • Carries up to 400 pounds
  • Easy cleanup with garden hose
  • Easy maneuvering in tight spots with a front-wheel vertical axis that rotates 270°
  • ErgoPivot™ engineering for easy, past-90° unloading
  • Handle converts to connect with a lawn tractor, ATV, or snowmobile (requires optional Clevis Hitch)
  • High ground clearance makes the Wagon ideal for use in areas with underbrush, stones, or stumps
  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated steel frame
  • Made in the USA
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Measures: 49.5" x 25" x 31.1" (125.7 cm x 63.5 cm x 79 cm)
  • Ground clearance: 14" (35.6 cm)
  • Wagon empty weight: 59 lbs (26.7 kg)
  • Load limit: 400 lbs (181.4 kg)
  • Handle length: 31.5" (80 cm)
  • Wheel diameter:
    • Front: 16" (40.6 cm)
    • Rear: 16” (40.6 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 27" (68.6 cm)
  • Wheel track, width:
    • Front: 30.5" (77.5 cm)
    • Rear: 30.8" (78.2 cm)
  • Wheel track, length: 43" (109.2 cm)
  • Cargo sled/platform: 47.6" x 25" x 13.3" (120.9 cm x 63.5 cm x 33.8 cm)
  • Capacity: 11.0+ ft³

Package Includes

  • Wagon
  • Instruction manual


Will I be able to dump out the load when the wagon is fully loaded?

Yes! The weight of the load actually works for you instead of against you. Everything towards the back of the wagon is pulling the dump box over. As you get the dumping started and material slides to the back, it gets easier and easier. You'll soon feel the material pulling the dump box back as it pivots all the way past 90 degrees to empty everything out in one nice smooth movement. Then you just have to pivot the empty dump box back down without any struggling, lifting, or righting. The dump box locks down in preparation for the next load so it won’t dump until you're ready.

Will the wagon roll easily when I have it loaded up?

With the Ursa Wagon, your load is spread out over four wheels. So, for instance, if you have 200 lbs of mulch in the wagon, you only have 50 lbs of load per wheel instead of the 200 or 100 lbs per wheel you would have with just one or two wheels. That's up to four times the rolling power!

What kind of advantages will I see with the ThornBuster's™ tires?

The ThornBuster's™ tires are airless lightweight foam tires that handle like air filled tires but will never go flat. The ThornBuster™ has wide, solid hub wheels with ball bearings and grease fittings that are especially great for towing heavy loads across soft lawns, deep mud, or sand.

Can I tow the wagon?

Absolutely, there is a hitch adapter that goes onto the handle without tools for quick and easy changes to towing.

How wide is the wagon?

The Ursa Wagon is narrow enough to fit through a standard door — just under 31" wide.

What is the dump box made of?

Materials for the Ursa Wagon are sourced from the best suppliers nationwide. The sled is composed of the highest quality High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) with the highest available UV protection (UV-8) and a temperature rating to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Ursa resins meet FDA specifications and may be used as an article or component of articles intended for use in contact with food, subject to any limitations in the regulations. The resins will not be broken down by barn acids.

While they had hoped to use recycled material in the molded cargo sled, their research revealed that, with the wall thickness of the cargo sled, these materials could not hold up under extreme weather or use. As a virgin resin, the Ursa sled has 40% more tensile strength than recycled plastics and its source is 100% traceable. Ursa concluded that durability and long product life is better for the environment than having owners scrap numerous cracked dump boxes made of secondary resins.

What material is used for the frame?

The frame for the Ursa wagon is made from high strength steel tubing with a baked powder coating for resistance to the elements. The plate and hardware on the interior of the sled is stainless steel to ensure that whatever gets dished up won't hurt the integrity of the wagon.

Where is the Ursa Wagon made?

Ursa is made in Minnesota, USA.

Can concrete be mixed in the sled?

Yes, Ursa Wagon's heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for fencing, landscape rock, or mortar projects — anytime a stable and durable piece of equipment is required. Clean up is quick and easy with a spray of the garden hose.

Will the sled stain?

The plastic used in the sled is chemically inert and very resistant to stains. For example, manure and compost easily wash off with water.

What is Ursa's recycling policy?

The product design and material selection focused on durability as a key metric. Ursa constructs their products from durable materials to ensure their wagons last a very long time. They also have spare parts readily available so their wagons are repaired instead of turned into refuse.

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